Tuesday, January 29, 2008


i haven't written anything since the day after my birthday. forgive me. i am hillary clinton after the Iowa and North Carolina primaries. i am the US economy -- sliding into recession, the global stock market-- in a meltdown. i am a new orleans resident in the midst of hurricane katrina.
aaargh... my train of thought is obviously more derailed than it has ever been.
but for the sake of just posting something-- anything-- here's a survey that i got on my friendster bulletin--which i am answering here.
narcissitic, yes. pathetic, yes.
  • In three words, explain today:- blah. blah. blah. (hurricane katrina swirls around me)
  • What made you smile today?- hmm... i'm thinking... stories
  • What were u doing this morning at 8?- was on the treadmill (yey, treadmill)
  • What were u doing 15 minutes ago?- eating oatmeal
  • Something that happened to you in1986?- i turned 6! i was in kinder two
  • Last thing someone said to you?- "saan ba yung party?"
  • What was your answer?- "i dunno. some condo at the fort."
  • Worst thing currently on television:- ruffa gutierrez and the other gutierrezes
  • What was in your e-mail today?- haven't checked
  • How many different beverages haveyou drank today?- figaro coffee (addicting, i love it), tea
  • Your current To-do list?- pray, read, chillax
  • What color is your toothbrush?- white with green streaks, both on the bristles and handle
  • What are you wearing right now?- my all time favorite black slacks, green bouse and naturalizer pumps
  • Any plans for Friday night?- watch american gangster, work, shop!
  • Least favorite place to shop.- divisoria
  • Things you bought today?- lunch. oheya chips.
  • Last gift you received?- free lunch with my bestfriend, love in a time of cholera by GG Marquez
  • Who is the last person you talkedto on the phone?- a likely ally for 2010
  • what is your favorite song as of now?- it's this old mariah song-- breakdown
  • Who was the last person to call youbaby?- anton calls me baby all the time
  • Has anyone ever sang to you?- oh gaad... and it's horrible.
  • If you were abandoned in thewilderness, would you survive?- with books, a burning bush and a map
  • Why did your last relationship end?- it wasn't suppose to have started
  • Which do you prefer, to eat or sleep?- sleep
  • Can you speak any other language besides English?- a little french, a little thai
  • Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?- all the time =)
  • Are you scared of flying?- i love flying
  • Is your hair curly or straight?- rebellious :p
  • Do you like funny people or serious people?- decent, intelligent people yes
  • What jewelry do you wear all the time?- pearl earrings. they're lovely.
  • Any message to someone you hate?- karma is so going to kick your eyes. i hope to be get front seats when that happens because u so deserve it.
  • Any message to someone you love?- umm.... call me.
  • Have you dated someone thrice?- yep.
  • How do you feel right now?- have this homicidal passion going on

Saturday, January 12, 2008

let's vote for team mark and rovilson!

i rarely do this.

but because they make watching TV so enjoyable that i am able to curb my chronic incessant- channel-flipping habit even for just an hour, i ask you guys to please vote for mark nelson and rovilson fernandez for favorite and most likely team to win the second season of amazing race asia.

watch amazing race asia every thursday at 2100. and see what i'm raving about.

then vote for this lovable, witty duo. it's so easy. just sign up

welcome to big league

(the world of pretend again-- for now. thanks to harper's bazaar feb.2008.)

What do you know, it's only the second week of 2008-- barely a year after the mid term elections and more than two years before juan dela cruz's children aged 18 and above troop back to the polling precincts-- and I am already choking on motherhood statements, grandstanding and mudslinging-- courtesy of the several malacanang wannabes-- err... hopefuls.

So who's tired of third world archipelago politics? I am.

So off to Estados Unidos I went for my birthday. Which explains the absence of a year-ender and a birthday post.

What did I do in US of A? Nothing much. I just stalked some people and took pictures.

So let's play pictionary shall we?

with Senator John Mc Cain

This was a coupla minutes after his victory at the GOP caucus at New Hampshire. Notice the look on his face. I boxed out some of his security detail to get his photo taken and he was pleasantly surprised when i told him that if i were a US citizen, I would go for a republican despite Dubya and that republican would be him.

I used to wonder what the obama mania was all about. Till Iowa. Now I'm caught up in obama rama. Love his name, love his color, love what he is able to achieve, love oprah's endorsement of him.

I would readily vote for Hillary because 1) she is a woman and 2) because she is uber galing having survived cut throat washington politics and monica lewinsky.


post script:
my short exposure to big league politics made me think. perhaps, I should give DC try. =)

Monday, January 7, 2008

UP kong pinakamamahal

things i love about my school:

  • the naked man.

  • brilliant students.

  • liberal culture.

the annual oblation run.

  • notorious professors

  • lifelong pride.

i wear my UP shirt when i travel. this one is taken somewhere in siam square, bangkok.

my smile on graduation says it all. i'm proud to be from UP.

  • hell weeks.

  • nose bleed lessons and exams.

  • never-ending cramming.

  • die hard friendships.

People call it University of the Philippines.

We call it LIFE.

happy U.P. Centennial!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


there are so many tornadoes swirling in my head, i try chasing after them but i can't catch them because i gained too much weight over the holidays and i'm still trying to shake off all the MSG that i ingested back at the land of the singkits and prototypes.

neehoo.... let's just play pictionary shall we?

let it snow christmas at disneyland!

i was smiling but i was freaking scared during the cable car ride at OP

around the world aboard an air balloon in 60 days.

on the last day of 2007. mood: contemplative.

(also: hungry, sleepy, shop mode)

well thought post soon.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


it's the second day of the year.

nine days before my birthday. (shameless plug i know, you can start sending gifts. NOW.)

holidays after math:

-my peso being able to buy more dollars
-my mid torso, my thighs and my arms. i am 10 whopping lbs heavier (aw gad-- now i have to lose 30 lbs to get to my ideal weight).

-my bank account. wrung dry. (so help me God.)
-my skin. which has a gazillion rashes--- no thanks to that olay total (side) effects that i bought in macau.
-the sellers at the night market along tung choi, whom i terrorized with my cold and merciless haggling.
-those good looking chinese men who didn't get to talk to me because they don't speak english. (or is it the other way around?)
-that lacoste accessory outlet that is suppose to exist somewhere near st. paul's ruins, which i didn't find. too bad, i was suppose to raid-- err-- buy all its bags.

excuse my verbal diarrhea.

i wanted to say happy new year. but that won't be enough.

so let me just borrow from my ex-boyfriend, neil, who in his blog wrote:

May your coming year be filled with magic
and dreams
and good madness. I hope
you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope,
somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.