Thursday, March 13, 2008

client 9--- OUT!

scandals seem to be in vogue these days. gaad-- life has become so boring-- we resort to politics and scandals for enterntainment.

"Over the course of my public life I have insisted people take responsibility for their conduct. I can and will ask no less of myself. For this reason I am resigning as governor," said nueva york governor Eliot Spitzer who will step down on Monday to "atone for his private failings."

client 9-- eliot spitzer

the 1st term democrat governor who gained national prominence relentlessly pursuing Wall Street anomalies resigned amid allegations that he used an exclusive prostitution ring at least eight times in eight months.

now i wonder-- how come it's easier for politicians in other countries to resign--even before they were proven guilty? no need for rallies, no picketing in front of their houses, no all out media war that leaves spectators sick.

i also wonder how wives of shamed politicians can actually stand behind them amidst all the scandal. i hate to be in mrs. spitzer's shoes (yes, even if it's a pair of prada).

gov. and mrs. spitzer

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