Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ooops! she did it again! malu fernandez redux

uh-oh. who let the (fill in the blank) _______________ out again?

so after her major faux pas last year, the pierce and phavulous (as janina san miguel would say it) malu fernandez is sooo back on the blogging radar. (well actually, with her size and "acerbic wit," [harhar] she's hard to miss.)

malu, malu, malu.

just when we (the blogging and OFW community) thought we've put you out of business-- you managed to crawl back from the muddy pen and into the papers with your-- what should we call that-- pathetic excuse for a column(?) writing(?) preaching (?) acerbic wit (?).

do yourself a favor.
write na lang about the night life in afghanistan. the fashion week in darfur. wining and dining in somalia. weekend shopping in mogadishu.
we just MIGHT start to like you if you do.

(ps: i blog because writing is therapeutic. and no, i am not hiding under anonimity.)

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